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New Onewheel Sticker available for pre-order

A slight deviation from our regular vanlife oriented stickers, but personally related to it as well. Here is the thing: I've been obsessed with Onewheels for a few years now, but could never justify its price. That's why I promised myself to be smart and invest my money in more important things that come with a higher priority in life. But still, how beneficial would a Onewheel be to park outside of a city and run some quick errands by floating into town? Very, in my opinion :)

But what if I designed a sticker with the sole purpose of funding a Onewheel? Of course, why not?

I booted up my trusty ole iPad 3 mini, which after four years of use has become so terribly slow it's not even fun. On that iPad lives my little friend, Procreate, in which I can lose myself for hours on end painting, sketching and doodling when I feel like it.

Being a fan of space exploration and the current developments that leave me excited like a little child when SpaceX is livestreaming the launch of their Falcon9 or Falcon Heavy. If I were to have a Onewheel, I'd want to decorate it with what interests me the most. Hence the astronaut riding a Onewheel – hands down THE best way to make your way around Mars, or soon to ride around the permanent base on the moon.

Onewheel sticker

So without further ado, here is my newest sticker: Onewheel Astronaut. I hope you like it!